The Process

Erik Cocks has over 40 years in the craft as a professional photographer and artist. Erik uses film cameras to create his images and continues to have a love for analog film and printing techniques. Erik now also blends traditional techniques with cutting-edge technology in order to produce fine art photography of unsurpassable quality for collectors and fans on every continent.

Erik’s Limited Edition prints are crafted on the highest quality material available from papers from Japan and custom printing techniques that go beyond the depth and resolution of what Fujiflex crystal acrylic prints are able to achieve. The techniques and material used assure you will enjoy images for years as they increase in value over time.


Limited editions

Images from Erik Cocks are available in Limited Editions in two sizes for each image:
16x20 (Editions of only 50)
30x45 (Editions of only 25)

Unique edition numbers are displayed on each photograph along with the artist’s signature on the back. Strict assignment guidelines ensure that each individual edition number is assigned to only one collector. A corresponding certificate of authenticity accompanies each art print as well as a matching serialized and numbered hologram medallion on the certificate and back of the print. Certificate numbers are securely kept on file at and on file with Erik. 

For Collectors:
Erik does not sell Artist or Studio Proofs but may gift them to individuals involved in his work (All proofs distributed are limited to 5 total – inclusive of all sizes). All artist proofs will be numbered and marked as “AP #/#”.

Erik Cocks additionally will gift Model Proofs to individuals who have been featured in images. These are limited to a single Proof per person featured. Model proofs will be notated as such; “MP/Model’s Name”.

Museums and Galleries exhibiting Erik’s work will display a Limited-edition numbered print for the duration of any exhibit. The artwork is typically sold or donated to a museum charity auction or kept in permanent collection, and that numbered edition print remains a unit of the total edition so does not add an “extra” prints to any edition. 

Print Delivery

Prints can be enjoyed and even passed down from generation to generation with the right care. When Erik delivers a print, He assures that it arrives in perfect condition and ready for hanging. Prints are shipped crated and delivered via UPS or freight direct.

Modern MountED PRINTS

Erik's limited edition prints highlight your stunning photograph with a contemporary feel.

The entire image is raised off the wall by a specially designed, cutting-edge frame that beautifully displays the image as if it is hovering in midair.

This process permanently incorporates the print into an acrylic panel that is then mounted to the wall. 


Acrylic Prints or "Facemounts" are the creations of desire that can be found hanging in the finest galleries in art destinations worldwide. Eriks' acrylics have hung in galleries and museums in Barcelona, Miami, New York and Las Vegas.

The printing and mounting technique Erik uses is a greatly improved print compared to Fuji Flex creations, bringing unbelievable resolution, clarity, vibrancy and depth with an incredible 3D image quality to your photo that appears backlit and holographic. .

THE Final Product


Along with a certificate of authenticity with matching hologram on the back of the print, all prints are signed and the edition written on the back of the print.  

Prints are museum-mounted and ready to hang, with a protective backing and raised frame. 

Your mounted print is protected from UV light and the protective backing keeps the image from being damaged.