Professional programs

A Statement for Every Atmosphere

Erik Cocks’ vast collection of breathtaking images offers a variety of looks for any space. Your interior design sets the tone for all those who enter. Create a serene atmosphere or stimulate any space with liveliness. Make a statement with a variety of options from Erik’s award-winning portfolio.

Erik’s images will leave a lasting impression on clients and visitors. Speak volumes about your business by displaying impressive works of fine art in highly visible locations.

Ask Erik Cocks what he does for a living and he’ll say “It’s my job to make people think!” His love for exploring human connections and deep meanings are detailed in his art, allowing people to tap into the lives that they dream of, or the past they have overcome.


Designer Program

Erik offers acrylic prints for residential, staging, and corporate installations. If you are a licensed designer, or design professional, both discount and cash rebate programs are available.

We provide free curation services and also will handle logistics for you. 

We also offer installation and staging services for design professionals. Our service is never marked up for direct purchases or design professionals so you don't overpay for having a properly framed Limited Edition print hung in your space.



Erik has partnered with some of the coolest companies in the world to bring joy through art and the idea of “showing the promise”. Existing works may be licensed for book covers, album art, and more. Licensing fees begin at $500 for non-exclusive contracts.

To inquire about Licensing Erik Cocks’s Work visit the contact page



Erik Cocks loves to do commission original artwork through collaboration, or bring your own concept to the table. Turn your dream into striking photographic art for personalized photo shoots, book covers, album art, and more. Commissioned artwork can be the ultimate gift or launch a brand you’ve dreamed of. No concept is beyond consideration and I can often help collaborate to bring a concept into focus.

From basic interpretations to advanced series that tell inspired stories, your only limit is your imagination.

Commissioned work begins at $3,000.

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