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Art is a Process

I’m creating a new series called Tribe. It applauds female surfers and the culture they inhabit. I am printing in a unique way and was excited about the process and how it would appear. This process supported my artistic direction and message as well. However, when I went to actual “produce” the final pieces, it was a complete disaster! What I thought would work and artistically illustrate my direction was a blurred mess of sadness. The thing is when you are an artist, you half expect things to go differently than you had originally planned. It’s exactly like a photo shoot, it typically doesn’t got the way you planned and the images are likely to be different than what you...

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All Who Wander are Not Lost

Artists will always be a wandering bunch. However, as collectors it can be interesting to have them allow you to wander with them, even if it is for a brief moment in time, captured in a piece of art.

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What if You Were the Art?

We spend thousands on wall art for our homes (and maybe hundreds for the vintage movie posters I love) to match our couch or floor, yet fail to think if there could be something there that matches the drapes but also means something to you.

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