All Who Wander are Not Lost

All who wander are not lost


Sometimes, the simple act of wandering around can spark imagination and wonder. You have to open you heart to it.


Creating art is often not an act of simply sitting down and “starting” to create art. It is often elusive and can come late at night, on a walk or thinking about bills.


Artists are gifted and cursed with a wandering mind that often finds them inspired at interesting times. For instance, we took a walk at a new park and I was inspired to create new work. My girlfriend who was with me, has grown to understand and tolerate my nature and my sudden bursts of wandering down a trail because I see something.


Those who buy wall art often don’t see beyond the colors and the basic elements, but there is always a story behind what is created and usually a deeper meaning to the artist.  It is getting to know and understand an artist that really can make a difference in the art hanging on your walls.


I know of several art collectors who have deep knowledge and understanding of most of the artists they collect. This can range from visiting an artist at their studio, interviewing them, or simply developing relationships with them and keeping up with the new artwork they produce.


Art collecting is not a transactional thing. It is building on depth of knowledge and relationships. It is understanding the artists and seeing what lies beneath the photos or paints in the frame. It is understanding why the artist wanders and where they go when they do. It is understanding their journey and what it has taken to get to the place on the path they are on.


Artists will always be a wandering bunch. However, as collectors it can be interesting to have them allow you to wander with them, even if it is for a brief moment in time, captured in a piece of art.