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Why I Create Art

It’s a strange thing. Today, we have advanced incredibly in the past few thousand years. Our technology allowed us to conquer the entire world time and time again, using brilliant human creations to defeat one another in war, trade and even politics. There seems to be no limits to our genius, and we harness that useful, functional ability to achieve incredible things. But what about art? Music? Theater? The projects we artists devote our lives to between work and sleep don’t fit this mercilessly practical nature that’s jumped us to the top of the food chain. How can a people so practically-minded devote hours, days or even lifetimes to the creation of something…”useless”? The Stories Storytelling is older than any human language, and it...

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5 Absolute Musts for Collecting Photography

I love the artist medium I work in, photography. Contemporary photography is one of the more accessible mediums to collect. Aficionados looking to find and champion emerging photographers can often purchase several prints on a limited budget of a few thousand dollars, and even works by some of the most famous people to ever wield a camera can be snapped up for affordable sums, at least relative to their prestige and talent. Here are some thoughts on collecting fine art photography from museums and collectors alike. The Wow FactorAt the outset, guidance for collecting photography isn’t much different from what experts say about purchasing any work of art: Start with images you like, and that you think you’ll like for...

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5 Ways to Collect Art on A Budget

There’s a common myth that art collecting is reserved for the sort of people who have their own yachts, live in sprawling estates and collect Lamborghinis. The truth is: you really don’t need to be a high roller to curate your own collection of contemporary art. The world is packed with compelling, affordable artwork; the secret is knowing what to look for and where to find it. This is because there is a big difference in collecting art and buying wall stuff from Crate and Barrel. Here are a few tips to get you started. 1. Think Small Life-sized works of art are very much “the thing” these days, and while they are certainly eye catchers, they often come with...

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