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TRIBE - The Surf Series

My newest series, “Tribe” is an exhibition of select images illuminating female surf culture. In this series, I document a fluid community, with nature as its sole leader. This series will be featured in an event showcasing the images actually embedded into surfboards using traditional board building techniques. Surfing is the ultimate in vulnerability and courage. Surfing forces one to confront insecurities, about one’s abilities and body, out into the open where everyone can see them, but it also makes one come to terms with their own imperfections. I wanted to create a series that didn’t exploit female surf culture, but respected it as the surfers have respect for the ocean. Surfers know that if you don’t understand the wave,...

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New Fine Art Series Coming Soon

The Fine Art Photography Surfing series, Tribe is coming soon! The fine art photography series celebrates female surfers and their Tribe of like-minded surf community members.

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Art is a Process

I’m creating a new series called Tribe. It applauds female surfers and the culture they inhabit. I am printing in a unique way and was excited about the process and how it would appear. This process supported my artistic direction and message as well. However, when I went to actual “produce” the final pieces, it was a complete disaster! What I thought would work and artistically illustrate my direction was a blurred mess of sadness. The thing is when you are an artist, you half expect things to go differently than you had originally planned. It’s exactly like a photo shoot, it typically doesn’t got the way you planned and the images are likely to be different than what you...

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